I'd like to welcome into this world, the brand-spanking new, Lookout Mountain Massage & Healing Center.  She's beautiful and perfect.  Has all the right parts, and sun pours in her from the heavens above!

Welcome to my new baby.  

I feel like that.  I feel the same sensations I felt with pregnancy and the birth of my children.  Wait... not all the sensations.  But the anticipation: 'what will they look like? will my body AND mind be able to handle them?  what will they be like?  who will their friends be?  HOW will we afford them?  Oh god, HOW WILL WE AFFORD THEM???'  Yup, some of the same questions are running through my head as I open my first office for health.  Lookout Mountain Massage & Healing, Golden, Colorado.

The gestation period has been 10 years.  phew.  The growing pains, the feeling of being humbled. Something else I feel just as strong as I felt with my children:  faithful.  A faith that this is the right thing, the right timing and all is in the plan.   I hear the quiet voice of strength and knowing, this is good.

I'm grateful that I was chosen for this position.  I was given this beautiful gift.  I'm honored and humbled to look into the heart of my newest child and promise:  I will do my best.  I will trip, for sure, but the love I have for the gift I was given keeps me going and growing.  

So, here we go... take my hand and hold on tight... we're in for a spectaular journey!  

much peace


07/12/2012 12:05am

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog and created a Weebly account too.


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